Attract More Patients—Because You Can Handle What Others Can’t.

Nutrition Response Testing® (N.R.T.®) is a consistent, proven, workable system that allows a practitioner to zero in on each patient’s specific nutritional needs in order to help the body repair itself.

You know the body can heal itself. You either learned it in school or figured it out for yourself while you were in practice. But why doesn’t that healing always happen even when you provide the best possible care to your patients?

Look around you. Medical doctors, drug companies and the media push pharmaceutical solutions. Fast food chains offer the only affordable meals. Fewer people know how to cook and meal plan. Agricultural and food processing methods force nutritional values lower every year.

This is what your patients are faced with as soon as they leave your office. Your message must be strong enough to gradually free them from this trap and point them in the direction of better health.

Dr. Freddie Ulan’s Discoveries Help You Free Patients from This Trap

Dr. Freddie Ulan’s Nutrition Response Testing provides you with a way to show them—vividly—what’s weak in their body, what’s causing the weakness and how nutrition can remedy that problem.

Start your own journey to understanding how you can dramatically improve your clinical results with the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course. In just a couple of hours, you can gain insights into this effective methodology for diagnosing the true source of your patients’ complaints. And, more importantly, you can detect the barriers that stall their healing and learn how to eliminate them. 

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Rehabilitate Your Purpose as a Practitioner and a Healer

Your patients aren’t the only ones who benefit from Nutrition Response Testing. As a practitioner, you can achieve the results you always thought were possible. You’ll finally be able to identify and eliminate your patients’ roadblocks to healing. You can rehabilitate your original purpose as a healthcare practitioner by getting life-changing results on your patients.

You can achieve all these goals when you are trained in Dr. Freddie Ulan’s innovative technology that raises muscle testing to a precise and effective new height.

The Research is Done

You just need to show up, complete the training and put it into use. Dr. Ulan’s brilliant discoveries have been organized into an easy-to-learn system that can enable you to get improved results as soon as your first professional training course is complete.

Get a sneak peek at Dr. Ulan’s spectacular technology with the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course.

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A Cash Practice Is the Practice of the Future

Every health practitioner has experienced the way insurance companies stand in the way of a patient's recovery. Included in the skills you’ll learn at Ulan Nutritional Systems is how to re-tool your practice so your patients are happy to pay cash for visits and nutritional supplements.


Using only their health insurance, too many patients will be guided into treatment using medication or surgery. They need to know that’s not their only choice. You can help them find a better path to real health.

When you’re using Nutrition Response Testing in your practice, the root cause of non-optimum health—nutritional deficiencies—and the exact nutritional support necessary for the body to heal itself can be determined, instead of being given one medication after another—followed with even more drugs to alleviate the side effects of the original drugs.


Be the Health Paradigm Change Your Community Needs

Once you learn Nutrition Response Testing, you can start getting spectacular results on even the toughest cases. At the same time, convert your practice to cash and avoid the hassles of dealing with insurance companies. All while helping your patients avoid the drugs and surgery that await them on the medical route.

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This is the latest technology you have been waiting for.

It’s not for everyone. We are only looking for those practitioners:

  • Who want to know more about the body’s innate ability to heal itself

  • Who need to know how to get better results on their patients

  • Who have been telling themselves that their education must be missing something

  • Who are dedicated to getting great results on every patient

Your journey to the results you want starts today, with the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course. In just two hours, you can learn how and, more importantly, why this system works so well. This course will take you through the process of applying Nutrition Response Testing, step by step, to a patient so you can see its simplicity. 

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This system allows a practitioner to:

  • Determine the underlying cause or causes of suboptimal health issues to provide more consistent results to their patients.

  • Offer personalized nutrition programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle for their patients.

  • Prioritize the steps taken to help patients achieve optimum health.

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Course Breakdown: What to Expect?

The What is Nutrition Response Testing? online course takes only about 2 hours to complete.

Each video contains the basic fundamentals that you will need to understand how this holistic health technique can get to the root cause of your patients health issues, quickly and effectively.

By completing this course, you will have gained a theoretical understanding of what Nutrition Response Testing is and how it can be integrated into a practice.

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