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Inside the Introduction to Nutritional Blood Chemistry Online Course

This is an online course that you can do at home. As soon as the payment is processed, you will receive an email with the credentials and immediate access to the information. 

This course teaches you how to read blood work lab reports and apply the results to nutritional cases.

The course contains 34 lessons, about 10 hours of video content, and contains critical examples and demonstrations to help you better understand and apply the material. In most states this service doesn’t have to be delivered by a licensed practitioner. (Check your state guidelines.)

In addition to this, we've also included a large glossary of terms to aid your understanding of the materials.

Subjects Covered:

  • An Introduction to General Blood Chemistry

  • Advantages of Using Nutritional Blood Chemistry in a Practice

  • Identifying Food Sensitivity Issues

  • Identifying Blood Sugar Issues

  • Identifying Immune Function and Inflammation Issues

  • Identifying Iron Balance and Anemia Issues

  • Where to Order Lab Work

  • What Lab Work to Order for Patients

  • How to Implement This System into Your Practice

Inside The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching

This course is a complete, turn-key system that gives you everything you need to hit the ground running, help your clients, and start a successful business or add to your existing practice or business as a new cash-only profit center.

The course is done online at your own pace. Nutrition Coaching can be delivered in person or via phone or video conferencing.

The Complete Course on Nutrition Coaching can be done by anyone who wants to improve results and help patients reach their health and diet goals. In most states this service doesn’t have to be delivered by a licensed practitioner. (Check your state guidelines.)

The program includes:

  • Session packets for each topic

  • A handout with a brief description of each session

  • Nutrition coaching techniques

  • Key session forms and guides for use on the first and sixth sessions

  • Tools for managing clients and handling difficult situations

  • Tips and tools for incorporating the program into your existing practice.

Subjects Covered:

This course consists of 38 videos which run about 10 hours in total. The course is divided into five sections:

  1. Introduction – An introduction to the course and this very successful, time-tested nutrition coaching system.

  1. Nutrition Coaching Techniques – Some basic training on HOW to be a nutrition coach.

  2. The Nutrition Coaching Program Structure – An understanding of how this nutrition coaching system is structured.

  3. The Nutrition Coaching Sessions – Training on how to deliver each of the 12 coaching sessions along with a demonstration of the instructor delivering each session for your reference. This section also includes downloads for all the materials you will need to add nutrition coaching to your practice.

  4. The Food Health Score – A tool created by Jackie Furlong to help clients stay motivated and scores how well they are eating (and following the coaching.) this scorecard plots their progress on a graph from week to week for easy visual reference.

  5. Additional Resources – Some extra resources to help you get started and handle common issues that can arise.

The course also includes short quizzes, called Assessments, to ensure that you retain the key points being taught. You may also go back and watch these videos over and over to help you completely and accurately duplicate this system in your practice.

Don't be left behind; these 2 courses should be part of every holistic health care practitioner's toolkit!

Learn the latest breakthroughs in individualized natural health care, to get to the root of problems and not just treat symptoms!

Have an Itch to Go Virtual?

Incorporating Nutrition Coaching and Nutritional Blood Chemistry into your current practice is an easy way to service remote clients and drive in an additional revenue stream.


  • How to become a Functional Nutrition Coach

  • How to integrate Nutrition Coaching and Nutritional Blood Chemistry into your practice

  • How these two modalities supplement your current protocols

  • How to add a virtual service to help people outside of your community

The Connection Between Blood Test Results and Nutrition Coaching

Blood test results provide a detailed insight into an individual's current nutritional status, revealing deficiencies, excesses, and imbalances in various nutrients. These results can be thought of as a "biochemical snapshot" of one's health. When interpreted correctly, they offer a clear roadmap for personalized nutrition interventions.


Why Healthcare Practitioners Need to Understand This Connection

Individualized Recommendations:

Every individual's nutritional needs are unique. By understanding blood test results, healthcare practitioners can offer personalized dietary and supplementation recommendations tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Evidence-Based Approach:

Blood tests provide objective data. This allows nutrition coaching to be based on concrete evidence rather than generic guidelines, ensuring that interventions are targeted and effective.


Monitoring Progress:

As clients make changes to their diet and lifestyle based on the practitioner's recommendations, subsequent blood tests can be used to monitor their progress, evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions, and make necessary adjustments.

Building Trust:

When clients see that recommendations are based on their individual test results, they are more likely to trust and adhere to the advice provided. This trust is crucial for long-term compliance and success in any health intervention.

Holistic Understanding of Health:

Nutrition is just one piece of the health puzzle. By integrating knowledge of blood test results with other aspects of health, healthcare practitioners can offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness.


Addressing Underlying Issues:

Many health issues have their roots in nutritional imbalances. A practitioner equipped with the knowledge of interpreting blood test results can identify and address these root causes, leading to more sustainable health outcomes.

Empowering Clients:

By explaining the significance of blood test results and how they relate to nutrition, practitioners can empower their clients with knowledge. This understanding motivates clients to make informed choices and take ownership of their health journey.

Preventive Health:

Before overt symptoms of nutritional deficiencies or imbalances manifest, they often show up in blood tests. A knowledgeable practitioner can identify potential health risks early on, guiding clients towards preventive measures.

Fitting All the Pieces of the Health Care Puzzle Together

For modern healthcare practitioners, understanding the relationship between blood test results and nutrition is not just an added skill—it's a fundamental aspect of providing comprehensive care.

By integrating this knowledge into their practice, they can guide clients towards making healthier choices, ensuring that they put the right nutrition into their bodies to achieve optimal health.

In today's era of personalized medicine, this approach is essential for delivering tailored, effective, and sustainable health outcomes.

Individualized Nutritional Coaching Works Alongside Blood Testing to Achieve Optimal Health

In conclusion, testing patients for nutrient levels and following a proper nutrition plan based on the results is a powerful strategy for achieving individualized optimal health. By understanding and addressing their body's unique needs, you can unlock their full health potential with even the most challenging cases.

What Other Practitioners Have to Say About These Courses:

Get this 2-in-1 Online Course Package For Only $1790! (Normally $1990)

Demand is High for Practitioners Who Offer Personalized Nutrition

Over the past year, a whopping 49% of millennials and 30% of consumers overall have expressed desires for personalized healthcare solutions. In addition to this, 40% of Americans are prioritizing nutrition over any other health and wellness attribute.1

The Importance of Designed Clinical Nutrition and Personalized Health Improvement Programs

As mentioned earlier, 49% of millennials and 30% of consumers desire personalized healthcare solutions. Overall, 40% of Americans are prioritizing nutrition over any other health and wellness category.1

As you know, in traditional medicine, the medical doctor makes a diagnosis and then uses drugs or surgery to attack or suppress the symptom, or to surgically remove the “offending” organ or malfunctioning part.

In contrast, with Nutritional Blood Chemistry, we use a proven form of nutritional analysis and then apply Designed Clinical Nutrition to address the cause of the problem, so that the body can regain the ability to correct itself.

Personalized Nutrition Programs

Whole Foods and Macronutrients

Generate More Practice Income

Designed Clinical Nutrition is the preparation of personalized nutrition programs for each patient. These programs are derived from a practitioner's observation and analysis of the body. The primary focus is on the whole foods and macronutrients that are required for the body to repair itself and grow healthfully.

It's time to redefine healthcare, one patient at a time. Start the Introduction to Blood Chemistry Course along with the Nutrition Coaching Course today.

Get Full Access to This 2-in-1 Package for Only $1790 (Normally $1990)

As Featured In

Meet Your Instructor - Bloodwork Course

Dr. Keith Sheehan

Dr. Keith Sheehan graduated from New York Chiropractic ’97, summa cum laude and valedictorian. He currently practices chiropractic and therapeutic nutrition in Lancaster city, where he has been practicing for the past 25 years.

Following a series of severe illnesses, he realized that diet and nutritional therapy were the hidden link in most people’s health. His career focus has been studying and applying the theories and science of applied clinical nutrition and functional blood chemistry to his patients, with great success.

He is a lecturer in nutritional and functional blood chemistry for Standard Process and for the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association.

When not treating patients, Dr. Sheehan enjoys hiking, playing with his two small dogs, and staying in shape at the gym. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Association. He has been voted best chiropractor in Lancaster by voters of Lancaster County Magazine 7 times.

Meet Your Instructor - Nutrition Coaching

Jackie Furlong

Jackie’s passion for nutrition began in 1986 when she and her husband, Dr. Marty Furlong, opened MetroEast Natural Healing Center.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota and has studied many different nutrition programs becoming certified with First Line Therapy, the American Fitness Professionals Association as a Nutrition & Wellness Counselor, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach.

Through working with patients, she found that most people were either unaware, confused, or misinformed as to what their eating habits should be to stay healthy and ward off illness and disease.

She developed the Guided Nutrition Program which has been successful for the past six years in helping patients make the lifestyle changes necessary for them to achieve the health results they want.


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