Fuel Your Patients' Journey to True Health: Embrace a System Tackling Root Causes and Leverage Natural Solutions, Breaking Free from Symptom-Based Care and Harmful Medications.

Nutrition Response Testing® (N.R.T.®) is a consistent, proven, workable system that allows a practitioner to zero in on each patient’s specific nutritional needs in order to help the body repair itself.

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This system allows a practitioner to:

  • Determine the underlying cause or causes of suboptimal health issues to provide more consistent results to their patients.

  • Offer personalized nutrition programs that encourage a healthy lifestyle for their patients.

  • Prioritize the steps taken to help patients achieve optimum health.

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What is N.R.T.?

Do you struggle with helping some of your patients with difficult-to-address and heal adverse health issues? If we are addressing symptoms as opposed to the root cause with chemical healing as opposed to natural healing, we are only scratching the surface of the actual problem. The good news is we have a system that enables us to rapidly determine and identify the underlying nutritional deficiencies that are the root cause of their ill health.

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body that assists your assessment of the underlying causes of ill-health through changes in the autonomic nervous system.

When these causes are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means the body can repair itself to attain and maintain more optimum health.

This system is based upon energetic, homeopathic, chiropractic, and kinesthetic views of function. As an integrative, functional, holistic or naturopathic practitioner, this is a vital addition to your existing practice.

N.R.T. enables you to identify the root cause of ill health. With this process, we can help the body be able to grow healthy new cells and repair itself and as a result, the symptoms will naturally dissipate. With this system, the body will communicate to you exactly what it needs to restore health.

N.R.T. gives you real-time answers to what nutritional deficiencies your patient has underlying their symptoms and the specific nutritional supplements their body needs to repair itself so your patient can experience more optimal health.

Discover the major barriers to healing and get consistent miracle results in previously tough cases! Imagine — a huge increase in referrals in your practice because happy and healthy patients equals more patients!

Course Breakdown: What to Expect?

The What is Nutrition Response Testing? online course takes only about 2 hours to complete.

Each video contains the basic fundamentals that you will need to understand how this holistic health technique can get to the root cause of your patients health issues, quickly and effectively.

By completing this course, you will have gained a theoretical understanding of what Nutrition Response Testing is and how it can be integrated into a practice.

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Demand is High for Practitioners Who Offer Personalized Nutrition

Over the past year, a whopping 49% of millennials and 30% of consumers overall have expressed desires for personalized healthcare solutions. In addition to this, 40% of Americans are prioritizing nutrition over any other health and wellness attribute.1

So, how can you fill this need as a holistic healthcare practitioner? You can start by familiarizing yourself with the theory and practice of Nutrition Response Testing.

Crack the Tough Cases with Nutrition Response Testing

The Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course teaches you the fundamentals of this system and the basic introductory concepts of how it is used to generate consistent results in patients and improve the outcomes of tough cases.

Do you have any patients who:

  1. Jump from modality to modality looking for answers to their suboptimal health issues?

  2. Express that they seem to get worse over time regardless of what clinical steps are taken to address this?

  3. Have poor diets that are sabotaging your treatment plans and protocols?

  4. Are stuck in the revolving door of “traditional” healthcare protocols that address symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs, surgeries, and invasive medical procedures?

  5. Struggle with conditions that are outside the scope of your modality?

The truth is each of these patients has the potential and ability to attain and maintain more optimum health.

Underneath the symptoms they’re experiencing exist barriers to healing known as stressors, that can be determined through Nutrition Response Testing.

When these are addressed through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself to attain and maintain more optimum health.

Stressors: How Do They Affect Your Patients?

Stressors prevent the body from healing even when you do everything else right. You may have noticed some of your patients are not responding to your clinically correct program or treatment plan. These barriers to healing can literally prevent treatment programs from fully working!

Dr. Freddie Ulan, the Founder of Nutrition Response Testing, determined that there are 6 Major or Most Common Stressors contributing to the ill-health of your patients.

In addition to these, there are plenty of others your patients are exposed to in everyday life like radiation exposure, jewelry, and even poor alignment in the spine.

The Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course goes over the 6 Most Common Stressors and how a practitioner can use N.R.T. in their practice to identify the underlying causes of ill-health in their patients.

How Does N.R.T. Work?

Body Analysis

An N.R.T. practitioner analyses different areas on the surface of the body that relate to the energy flow, function, and state of health of each organ in the body. This is demonstrated in the picture on the left.

Weak Points

If the organ/area being contacted is not functioning properly, or is “active” as we call it, the nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the extended arm, and the arm will weaken and drop.

This drop signifies an underlying stress or dysfunction, which may be affecting the patient’s health.

Underlying Stressors

Once the area or areas that need attention have been identified, the practitioner performs an assessment to determine the exact underlying stressor that is affecting the health of their patient.

They do this with specially designed testing vials.

Whole-Food Supplements

After determining the culprit, the practitioner then tests concentrated, whole-food nutritional supplements against the weakened areas and determines which ones bring them back to strength.

Designed Clinical Nutrition

Following this, the practitioner develops a Personalized Health Improvement Program (Designed Clinical Nutrition) for the patient to follow.

By following your Personalized Health Improvement Program as precisely as possible, your patients will be well on their way to restoring normal function and improving their health.

It’s that simple!

The Importance of Designed Clinical Nutrition and Personalized Health Improvement Programs

As mentioned earlier, 49% of millennials and 30% of consumers desire personalized healthcare solutions. Overall, 40% of Americans are prioritizing nutrition over any other health and wellness category.1

As you know, in traditional medicine, the medical doctor makes a diagnosis and then uses drugs or surgery to attack or suppress the symptom, or to surgically remove the “offending” organ or malfunctioning part.

In contrast, with Nutrition Response Testing, we use a proven form of neurological analysis and then apply Designed Clinical Nutrition to correct the cause of the problem, so that the body can regain the ability to correct itself.

Personalized Nutrition Programs

Whole Foods and Macronutrients

Generate More Practice Income

Designed Clinical Nutrition is the preparation of personalized nutrition programs for each patient. These programs are derived from a practitioner's observation and analysis of the body. The primary focus is on the whole foods and macronutrients that are required for the body to repair itself and grow healthfully.

Applying Designed Clinical Nutrition through Nutrition Response Testing allows you to hit both priorities (personalized healthcare and nutrition) in one shot and carve out more space for yourself in the $450 billion wellness industry.

It's time to redefine healthcare, one patient at a time. Start the Welcome to Nutrition Response Testing Online Course today.

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Why Train at Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc.?

Ulan Nutritional Systems, Inc. (UNS) specializes in training health care practitioners and their staff to create and develop viable practices through holistic and nutritional methods.

Its courses and services cover both sides of running a practice: clinical and administrative.

Here are a few of its clients who have found incredible success in their practices by

implementing the programs UNS offers:

Clinical Success From Our Practitioners

Training Testimonials From Our Practitioners

About Dr. Freddie Ulan, D.C., C.C.N.

In 1991 a serious illness threatened to end Dr. Ulan’s life. As a practicing chiropractor and crusading health reformer since 1965, he knew where to look and exactly what was out there.

No system he tried could cure him, or even arrest his decline. Months of trial and error with supplements were not an option. His survival literally depended on how quickly he could discover the body’s priorities and how quickly and precisely he could handle them.

Building on his knowledge of the great healing pioneers—such luminaries as D.D. Palmer; Royal Lee, DDS; Weston A. Price, DDS; Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD; Melvin E. Page, DDS; and George J. Goodheart, Jr., DC—he accomplished this seemingly impossible task.

Having done it for himself, he turned his now-revitalized energies and resources to getting others on the road to wellness.

Soon, while located in a small town in upstate New York, just south of Lake George, his all-cash and entirely referral-based practice was on the map—globally.

With patients flying in from Southern California, Korea, Germany, South America—and even from South Florida in the middle of the winter—he knew he couldn’t do it all himself. He recognized as his calling, and his duty, the training of other practitioners to duplicate his success.

His clinical breakthroughs, systematized and documented, were the foundation of that success. But without a comparably advanced approach to patient management, the fabulous results of Nutrition Response Testing would still be available to only a few.

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